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Hi Lena and Brian,

Firstly I'd like to say that it was an absolute pleasure meeting you today. Tracey and liza have spoken that much of you and your horses that I'm glad that I finally had the chance to come out there and meet all of you in person. You certainly made my day. Thank you soo much for your warm hospitality and allowing me to see your beautiful animals. They are more than I expected. Thank you for this beautiful shirt.

Clint Hector, WA

Coliban Strawberry is the softest, most responsive, kindest, gentle and most mature 3 year old I've ever had the pleasure of riding! Not a day goes by that I don't look forward to riding her.

Taleah Moult, WA

Earlier this year we decided to purchase a foal and for many months we had been looking for the "right one" after being recommended by a couple of people about Tru Blu Texan from Coliban stud, I started to enquire about him, I never thought I would ever buy a foal in utero with all the unknown and without knowing a lot about the process, Lena was lovely and so easy to talk to she explained everything in a way I could understand.

I was kept up to date with all the progress thru out the pregnancy.
The morning my foal (BB) was born Lena called me with much delight it was a filly, I was head over heels.

Lena provides me with photos and regular updates.

Recently I got to see and put a halter on my little bundle of joy 20/9/14, it was so overwhelming the photos did not do any of the horses justice, the mares were in amazing condition even a mare who had just foaled the night before looked amazing, But Blu took my breathe away and I knew right then and there standing in the lane way with all these beautiful horses We had made the right decision, I had very high expectations and they were all blowing away.

I would highly recommend Coliban designer gene breeding program to anyone who is looking for a big boned tall, stunning horse, it's the winning trifecta.

I will definitely be back to purchase more in the future.

Thank you Lena and Brian for this amazing opportunity you have given me I truly am grateful to have such an amazing filly can't wait for what the future may hold for us.

Lauren Newburry, WA

Lena, what can I say you guys a truly awesome, your service is second to none! the designer gene program is a great idea from the blood lines of all the mares you have to big blu. Oh and the element of surprise after waiting so long is something else. Would I use it again ? I surly would and iv already recommended you to all of my friends.... So thank you Brian and Lena for a truly memorable experience.

Jamie Currie, Mt Isa, QLD

Lena, thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. You and Brian are the most gracious hosts and to see the your beautiful QH stud first hand was an absolute dream! They are some of the most beautiful horses I've ever seen:)

Rob Blewitt, NSW

So.. I finally have my boy safe at home.. He travelled the 8 hour trip like a dream and even unloaded in the dark with only me present as calm as he could have.
This makes Coliban Kid Blu my third Coliban horse along with Coliban Strawberry and Coliban Chevrolet.
Just quietly I think he's my favourite..
Thank you Lena and Brian for breeding such beautiful well structured and sound animals that I can compete and breed in the future.
I promise you that all three of your horses will be in the performance arena and I'm so excited for what's in store for us.

Taleah Moult, Kalgoorlie, WA

A HUGE THANK YOU to Brian and Lena Rasmussen of Coliban Quarter Horses for giving us the opportunity to own such a wonderful young colt as Coliban Too Good To B Tru, aka Spike. When we purchased Spike it was based on a few photos, Lena's description and the testimonials of other very happy clients, And upon his arrival yesterday afternoon it became quickly obvious that our faith was not misplaced. What an awesome little dude, Cruised down the ramp, Had a scratch from everyone, A look around then stuck his head in the back of the ute to steal some hay calm as could be, Not what we expected from an 8 month old colt that has spent 2 weeks traveling across Australia and then up to Central QLD. Spikes temperament, Attitude and physical stature are amazing the photos don't do him justice. Anyone that is looking for well bred, Well handled quality horses would be doing themselves an injustice not talking to Brian and Lena, And I have nothing but praise for there honest business like approach while at the same time making it a very personal experience, We are very proud to own a Coliban Quarter Horse and a baby of the mighty Tru Blu Texan, It will most certainly not be our last.

Craige and Karyn Ferris, Moranbah QLD

I got a pm from Lena Rasmussen this morning confirming she'd sent me the videos of Twinkle that I'd requested moments earlier. She used the opportunity to ask me if there were any areas of her customer service that I thought required improvement, this was my response:

Champion! Lena, honestly, I don't think you could improve! Everything you have done is amazing. Above and beyond. I have saved every photo of Twinkle from in utero til her most recent pic and there's almost 150! Well documented filly! You have taken all us buyers on like part of your extended family and put us in touch with each other too, it's a great community you've created. If the Lazy Loper is a colt, it's mine! Lol. Oh also, crushed or whole lupins?

Lena has been there every step of the way with me since choosing to purchase a foal from her, she has let me ask her countless stupid questions and has never hesitated in answering them and has always been more than happy to offer her assistance . Don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like tomorrow I am getting much more than my filly, I'm getting friends for life

— feeling blessed Tegan Cole, Western Australia

Wren has finally arrived home I can't believe how quickly 13 months has gone by, how did she go from being a tiny little fetus to a gorgeous black weanling in that time? She traveled well on the truck with the other foals, the truckie was very impressed with how quiet and well mannered they were. She discovered new horses, rain, rugs and electric fences for the first time but settled in very sensibly.

A huge thank you to Lena and Brian for everything along the way - from constant photos and videos to welcoming me into your home like an old time friend. You've bred a lovely crop of foals for another year running and they handle exceptionally well. I will definitely be keeping you updated on her adventures. I can't wait to see you both again and to see what goods the next foal crop will produce. She's well worth the wait and the investment, that's for sure!

Jess Everett, Western Australia

We are the Rogers Family located in SA, we purchased Coliban Cool Texan aka "Drifter" in mid December 2013, for our 15yo daughter. He is a superb boy,
easy everything. He is being campaigned for barrel racing and later on will commence in breakaway roping. Couldn't be happier with him, all he needs is
a rider whom can keep up with his work ethic (as he likes a good days
training.) he is already a winner in 3rd division barrel race, and this was not even trying, as he is still patterning the drums.
A truly beautiful horse.

Liza Rogers, South Australia
I would like to say once again a Huge thank you to Brian and Lena for giving me the opportunity to purchase such a wonderful girl like YLS Sculptured,  she is an amazing mare and the added bonus of being in foal to Blu, I feel so privileged. I also would not hesitate to buy from Coliban in future if the right opportunity arose as they have absolutely awesome quality stock with great handling and wonderful can do personalities. Thank you ever so much.

Tracey Farkas, WA

I recently spent the night a Coliban Quarter Horse Stud and I can honestly say that in all my years I have never visited a stud like it. Now, its not the fanciest looking of places, and it sure wasn't a short drive from home, but the quality of the mares, all with foals at foot, was incredible. Brian and Lena put 110% into the care, feeding and handling of all their horses at Coliban. Whether it be with the gentle, kind natured stallion Tru Blu Texan, the mares and foals up by the house or the mares in foal in the large grazing paddocks, every horse is shiny, healthy and so very friendly. It was only too easy to decide that my first Quarter Horse purchase would be through Coliban and I can't wait to bring my filly home when she is weaned. In the mean time, I know she is in the best of care with Brian and Lena and I trust them explicitly.

 Tegan Cole, Qualified Veterinary Nurse and Proud New Quarter Horse Owner

Hi Lena and Brian,

I'm absolutely on cloud nine as I write this, I have been going around this morning with "Walking on Sunshine" playing in my head.

It's been 7 months since I first contacted you in March with the possibility of purchasing a foal in utero through your designer gene program and it has certainly been well worth the wait. To say I had butterflies in my stomach last night when I saw your call come through is an understatement. How luck am I to finally get my dream foal?

Some may say it is a gamble to purchase a horse sight unseen and an even bigger gamble to buy one not yet on the ground. The only thing I felt I was gambling with was the colour and gender of the foal. I was not gambling on good bloodlines, heritable disease free genetics or a strong healthy foal - this was always guaranteed through your designer gene program and made the decision to go ahead with the purchase easy. The colour on top was just an extra bonus. Your knowledge of the horses you produce and your understanding of horse health and husbandry are second to none. I knew after the first conversation with you Lena that I had picked the right stud to meet all my criteria.

I had only received good feedback about your business and horses before making the purchase and my high expectations have been pleasantly met all along the way. You went above and beyond to keep me updated with regular reports on how the pregnancy was going and when the little lady arrived. It is as though I was there through the whole process but you two did all the hard work. At no point did I feel worried as I was reassured by your experience and dedication to your horses and clients. Your open communication and friendly approach through the whole process has made me so happy with my choice and it comes as no surprise to me that you have multiple repeat customers.

I look forwards to many long years with my special little filly and will certainly be recommending you to anyone thinking of purchasing a young, healthy, thoughtfully and purposfully bred horse.

Keep up the good work,

Jess Everett - one outstandingly happy client

Just wanted to write a massive thank you to Coliban Quarter horses of my recently purchased Coliban Kid Blu.

Firstly this is not my first horse purchased from this stud but my third! Having bought through Lena sight unseen previously I was more then comfortable and confident in my decision to do it again. Lena offers so much insight into not only the the bloodlines but genetics.
Not being familiar with them Lena has educated me in so many ways. My decision initially was to purchase Coliban Strawberry's full brother, having recently broken her in having loved the type and her trainability, I knew I couldn't go wrong. But then I've seen Kid Blu! He was bred more to the purpose I compete in and the breeding direction I wanted to take.

I recommend buying any horse from Coliban. Lena and Brian are a pleasure to deal with, professional and knowledgeable and breed outstanding quality horses. Thank you once again for my new baby. I can't wait to compete him in the rodeo circuit as soon as he has matured.

Taleah Moult, WA

Hi  Lena and Brian,

Just wanted to thank you for offering an exceptionally professional and friendly service with your Designer Gene Program. I was a little hesitant about going ahead with it however the professionalism displayed confirmed for me that this was a good idea. Your communication and honesty is second to none. I am exceptionally happy with the result (YLS Sculptured x Tru Blu Texan filly aka Elle) and cannot wait to get her up to the Top End with me. Cheers and thanks once again :-)

Fiona Bond, NT

Hi  Lena,

Wow wow wow was all I can say Lena Rasmussen. Here she is straight off the truck after a very long trip from WA to QLD. Breathtaking in looks & movement. Another one I have brought off you sight unseen. Top quality, everything you told me plus much more. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

Linda Sawrey, QLD

Thank you Lena Rasmussen on my purchase of the filly Coliban Valentino. She is exactly how you described her. Big, quiet and she will make an awesome broodmare in future.
It was a long wait but worth the while went she finally arrived - thank you Combined Horse Transport Perth. She has settled in just in the last few days and is now happy to eat and rest.

Letty Hallam, NSW

Hi  Lena,

Texan has been broken in and is going nicely. He is a lovely gentle and willing horse and already shaping up to be a great ranch type horse. I have riden him on some pretty rough country and he has handled it well, never rushes or panics. I have now turned him out for the winter as he still has a lot of growing into himself.



Hi  Lena and Brian,

Thank you Lena for showing us all your beautiful horses on Saturday and your wonderful hospitality and giving me the opportunity to purchase YLS Sculptured in the near future and have my own Blu baby. :) I wouldn't hesitate to tell people about your horses, services and hospitality and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Tracey Farkas

Hi  Lena and Brian,

Thanks for selling me such an awesome horse (Coliban Cool Texas Rose). I've ridden more in the last few weeks than I have in the last 5 years, and have no problems or worries starting her myself.
The only problem is after being able to ride her I think I'm going to lose her to Mark, my OH LOL. I keep telling him "what's the bet you end up with her because she's so damn quiet?!!" I bet she will be the only one he wants to ride, and that's ok with me because finally I will be able to get him on a horse to go riding with me. I will Definitely be back for another in probably 2 years max. I think a lovely blue one next time?

Samantha Govaars

Hi Lena and Brian,
Just a quick note to let you know how thankful we are for all the hard work and perseverance you put into Misty to get her in foal to Blue. We knew it would not be easy but you both with all your expertise and knowledge did the impossible. We cannot thank you enough. Now we look forward with great expectations.

Christine and Ron

Hi Lena,

I think back to the first time we spoke it was in regards to some show gear you were selling on facebook. I had quit the horse industry for 6 years and was starting up again.

This small transaction led me to sending you a friend request to your Coliban Quarter Horse page. I remember this stunning chestnut filly.. she had looks to die for, something I had never seen in any horse before. I made up my mind right then “I have to have this horse.” I spoke to my partner (at the time) who flat out told me “No!” A few months later he was gone and this foal popped up in my facebook news feed again. I thought to myself – surely this filly still isn’t available?!

I would say now that it was fate, I was meant to own this filly. I messaged you in regards to the foal and immediately you replied – which you always do, always happy to discuss breeding and answer any and every question I put to you. Any doubt I had, you gave me reassurance and eventually I bit the bullet and have probably made one of the best ‘horse’ decision of my life.

On Sunday the 16th December I met Coliban Strawberry for the first time, and I tell you – she was everything I could have hoped for and more! You said she was big, but Ihad no idea until I wrapped my arms around her. She makes me weak a the knees with her conformation, her colour, her temperament. And to top it all off – she loves me – or at least anyone who is willing to pay her attention ;)

I would like to thank you ever so much, for the beautiful animals that you breed (and that I’m lucky enough to now own) the fact that you offer payment plans to make someone’s dream of owning an quality horse who would not be able to afford it on normal terms and the hospitality you shown inviting us into your home and showing us your beautiful animals.

You have been fantastic to deal with, so much so that I’ll hopefully be securing my next baby in utero!

Thanks again


Thank you Lena and Brian, for my beautiful new babies, Ollie ( Coliban Ole Mr Valentine) and Belle (Coliban Blu Belle).
Once again your superior knowledge, professionalism and "realness" has allowed me to follow my heart with trust and confidence.

Kind regards.

Sophia, Western Australia


I am very happy with Coliban Easy Cash. She is lovely mare, very pretty and bred well. I felt very comfortable in the purchasing process. I live in the USA and Lena was in Australia. This is the first time I have ever bought a horse from someone overseas and I would do it again! Lena and I had good communication and I also had good communication with the handler, Karen. I had been looking for a barrel prospect for some time and often times when I went to look at a horse it was not as described. But Coliban Easy Cash was just as described and very well cared for. I feel I am blessed to own her. I look forward to her barrel racing career and her futurity year! I would recommend Coliban Quarter Horses!

Thank you Lena!

Kathy Kaping, Minnesota, USA

Hi Lena,

Thank you so much for your hospitality yesterday! It was wonderful to finally meet both yourself and Brian after two years of emails and phone calls. It was also wonderful to meet our new addition who met and exceeded all of our expectations! Angel, our new palomino filly, is exactly as I had hoped for. On the way home we kept saying that the horses were all so personable and in beautiful condition just as you had promised, a tribute to the way you handle and look after them. We are now planning to use the designer genetic programme again for our next horse. My plan is now to ensure that Angel will have a few friends from Coliban Stud for my girls to ride too. Dealing with you has been an absolute dream so we will look forward to doing this all again! Thank you so much!

Louise, Mike, Zoe, Kate and Hannah Thomas, Western Australia

Hey Lena and Brian,

Well Coliban Mulberry aka Pippa is home and what an amazing little girl she is. She is so so quiet and a real thinker. She is so sweet and everyone that has meet her thinks she is lovely. She arrived in possibly the worst weather for a young one to go to there new home in. Pippa however did not worry one bit. She has been easy to deal with and just a complete pleasure. She was so much nicer in person from the pics and was exactly what Lena had described her as. She is everything I could have wanted in a horse. So thank you Lena for giving me the option to have Pippa. I think I finally have the horse I have been searching for.

Megan, Western Australia

Thank you Coliban Quarter Horses !
Lena I just love my new Filly Coliban Bluberry, she is everything you said she was, and I am so excited about our future together! I wouldn't hesitate to buy a horse sight unseen from you again knowing what you say is what you get ! She is just beautiful ! A very happy customer...!

Lesley Allen, WA! :-)

I have known Lena for many years online and a few years ago was set on buying a foal. Which unfortunately never panned out. So come to 2011 and I talked to Lena again and picked a lovely mare from the Designer gene program. 2012 rolls on and unfortunately as life has it, the mare lost the foal and was very sick. Lena was straight away on to it and kept me informed all the way. When it was confirmed she was not in foal Lena once again was on the phone and going through our options in the choice of other mares that I could choose from. Then I got an other call, about a gorgeous filly from the last year that was yet to sell (god knows why). I knew straight away but still needed to think that this little filly was for me, I did not want to rush into anything as this for me is a long term commitment. Lena never had to offer me her but did after all we both had been through in the last few weeks and I'm so appreciative she did. I can not wait to have her home and do the Coliban stud proud with her. My only sadness is that I never made it down to meet Lena and Brian and there horses. But I do count Lena as a friend. I hope that you are happy with Coliban Mulberry coming to live with me as I am. Thank you both so much.

Megan Butler, Baldivis, Western Australia

Coliban Tru Destiny - my gorgeous blue roan colt has just arrived from his long trip from WA to QLD. He is simply gorgeous and is everything I had hoped for. Lena Rasmussen, you have been such a wonderful person to deal right from when I first laid eyes on him. Very hard to find such a great breeder to deal with and just super horses. Would recommend a Coliban horse and Lena to anyone.

Linda Sawrey, Cunangra QLD

Hi Brian and Lena, Just a brief note to let you know that Rosie (Coliban Roses R Blu by Tru Blue Texan) has come through her first big test with flying colours. At Easter time I had asked my son in law Sam Amey to break Rosie in and ride her about 6 times so I could turn her out in the paddock to toughen up in our cold winters and grow. I was able to watch Sam break her in. He said how easy going she was and how she tried to please at whatever he asked her to do. He rode her 3 times and then we had so much rain that we turned her out for 2 weeks until things dried up. He just saddled her up when she came back in and got on and rode her off. You would have thought she was such an old stager she was so good. She has the most wonderful temperament, calm, easy and kind. Lena, Rosie hasn’t changed from the day you sent her to me. What a wonderful quiet natured filly Rosie is. I am so looking forward to riding her when the weather warms up. Being in the verteran’s age group now I need something that is quiet and kind. I don’t think I will be disappointed. Thank you both for all your help and advise when I first rang enquiring to purchase a foal. It is so nice to find somebody that is trustworthy and honest.

Letty Hallam, Gundaroo Via Canberra ACT

"I am so happy to have recently purchased a lovely filly, Coliban Bluberry, from Coliban Stud WA. I had been looking around for a while for a new baby & my search kept leading me back to Coliban. I initially planned on buying via the Designer Gene program, choosing a Blu foal out of either Thirty Eight Spin or My Destinys Sexy. When both these mares foaled last year I was super excited to see what lovely, correct foals they had. I kept a special close eye on Bluberry (Muffin) as I was particularly after a filly more than a colt & finally decided that I couldn't wait any longer & had to have her! Thanks to Facebook updates & photos I had been able to see her grow from a cheeky little bub to a beautiful weanling. I contacted Lena via phone & the deal was done (after a good old fashioned horsey chat of course!) I felt very confident & happy in my decision. First chance I got I took a drive to Newdegate to see Muffin in the flesh & can say I was very impressed, not only with her but all the horses on the property. The mighty Blu himself is definately a must see, such a gentle boy & very macho!! I was even treated to a lovely roast dinner & bed for the night! It was great to see, in person, Brian & Lena’s passion for their horses & can’t thank them enough for thinking outside the square & putting good hardy working lines back into our beloved QH’s! I would highly recommend Coliban to anybody looking for a special horse that’s built to last, has a great temperament & good looking as well!"

Cecelia Crowe, WA

I would like to thank you so very much for taking such wonderful care of my broodmare DVD O LENA whilst she was at your place being put to Blu. As a mare owner it so nice to know that your mare will be loved and cared for just like you treat your own. I'm also very grateful for the fact that you wasted no time in getting her in foal thus keeping the costs for me down. You have made the whole experience for me completely stress free in all respects and for this I will not hesitate in bringing my mare back to be put to your beautiful Blu."

Warmest regards Kellie Moore

I Faye Roberstson have just purchased a bay roan gelding called Coliban Cool Texan of Lena Rasmussen from Newdegate WA.
I live in Roma QLD and I took Lena's word on everything she told me about the horse and when he arrived one week later I was very happy with the deal I did with Lena."

Faye Robertson Roma, QLD 4455

I recently purchased the mare Extreme Desire from Coliban Quarter Horse Stud. Lena and Brian's reputation, knowledge and experience in the quarter horse indisutry gave me the confidence to purchase the mare sight unseen. When I arrived to collect the mare, she was everything Lena had promised. It was a pleasure to deal with honest and knowledgable breeders who were very open and upfront about their horses. I was so impressed with the quality and bloodlines of horses at the stud I also purchsed two fillies Coliban Smooth Jet and Coliban Outtamyleague."

Elizabeth Wilson, Esperance, WA

It is bitter sweet for Lena and Brian, we are extremely grateful to them both for selling Three Solid Bars (imp) aka Arnold (and not pulling the pin ). We have witnessed their breeding program over the fence for the past few years, their stallions and mares are exceptional consistent producers year in year out. That speaks volumes about Coliban QH stud and the brains and brawn behind it. I can't express how much we appreciate Coliban's support and respect how hard this is for them both. We will love and cherish the big boy, he is the start of a bright future for us. Thank You Thank You Thank You Lena and Brian xxx"

Paul and Claire, Harley QHs, Newdegate WA

I have dealt with Lena for 2 years and have always found her great to deal with. She is totally honest and open about everything and always pleasant even when I forgot the time difference and called her at 5a.m.. She has been above and beyond any expectations. I now have 2 Tru Blu Texan babies which are beautiful natured and easy to do anything with. I can’t wait till they grow up to ride them."

Thanks Lena, Dawn Woodley, Bullioh, Vic.

Once again a huge thank you to Brian and Lena on the recent purchase of Twyligh Blues. Talking with Lena I had no doubt that how she had described the mare would be what I received. Arriving at 1am on a cold/windy Canberra night isn’t the best start in a new home but Phoebe was so quiet, easy to handle and rug it made it so easy. I consider myself extremely lucky that I was able to purchase Phoebe. Her bloodlines (Jet Boom) I have been trying to obtain for a number of years but always just out of my reach. It has been a pleasure dealing with Brian and Lena who have always been so very honest and upfront with me this being my second purchase from them. It is wonderful to know that there are still people who are so trustworthy when it is such a long way from Newdegate to Canberra. Thank you once again."

Regards Letty Hallam.


Firstly I would like to congratulate both yourself and Brian on the outstanding job you have done in both choosing your bloodlines and raising your foals. I have never come into contact with such a trusting and soft weanling. And the many phone calls I received and made throughout the whole process have been calm, reassuring and looking towards solutions, not agonising over problems.
When she arrived home she showed no signs of having been on a truck for 8 hours (other than the mammoth appetite!)
So far she is definitely living up to her name Coliban Good As Gold; she has been as good as gold from day one, and is still blossoming under the watchful of my QH mare. So much so that you would never have guessed that she was born into the worst season for feed Newdegate has had in a long time. Your animal husbandry practices are second to NONE Lena! Little Goodie is great to float, great to lead and is getting better at letting the farrier do his job.
She has slotted into our family (animal and human alike) with such ease that one almost has to wonder if it was destiny that brought us together, or your superior horse-human matchmaking skills!

Finally, I would like to thank you (profusely) for giving me the opportunity to purchase a horse of these bloodlines, and I look forward to chatting with you about her progress in hand and under saddle. Thank you again!

Kerry Jones, Boyanup WA

For some years I have been looking for a larger framed Quarter Horse for use as utility/stock horse or as my friend calls them a Ranch horse. In 2010 my daughter's research led us to the Blue Valentine horses in America and then to Coliban's Tru Blu Texan in Newdegate WA.
Very late in the breeding season after discussions with Lena and Brian of Coliban we took 2 mares for breeding.
Lena kept us well informed of the breeding process and situation which resulted in 2 mares in foal, we are now looking towards to these foals.
Thank you Brian and Lena

Regards Andrew D'Espeisis, Dunsborough, WA.

To Brian and Lena
I would just like to say that from my first phone call to Lena inquiring if
they had any foals for sale to my purchasing a lovely filly at 5 days old by
Tru Blu Texan I have not had one moment of doubt dealing with Lena.
Lena has always been straightforward and honest with me and more than helpful with all my emails and phone calls. Lena took the time to send photos of the filly on a regular basis and kept me informed of her progress and how she was coming along.
When my filly arrived she was in excellent condition and it only took her a couple of days to settle in after her long trip from the west.
She is so quiet and well behaved to be around I am looking forward to working with her. Thank you Lena and Brian for letting me pay by instalments. This has allowed me to purchase a beautiful filly with excellent working bloodlines, something I would not have been able to achieve without your help.
Thank you once again.

L Hallam, Gundaroo NSW Via Canberra.

Hi Brian and Lena

I saw the ad on Coliban Quarter Horse Stud for the DESIGNER GENE program, and looking through it I came across a mare whos foal was still for sale. She was in foal to Tru Blu Texan and sounded so good to me that after I spoke to Lena I paid a deposit on a foal that wasn't even born yet. I put my trust into a person that I didn't even know that seemed to be straight up and it all paid off.

The foal from this pregnancy is Coliban Cool Texas Rose. Lena kept me up to date and with pics and emails. She looked so pretty in the pics but she looked even better when I saw her for the first time at 6 months old in the flesh. And she has been raised so well. She is absolutely perfect to handle in every way and is so sweet and gentle. She is so quiet that nothing has bothered her at all. She is willing to go anywhere. And her movement is stunning.

I can't wait to show her and I think she will do very well. I feel I've done extremely well putting my trust into Brian and Lena. It's so good to know there are honest people out there who really care about what they do. The proof is in the foals they breed and raise.

Thank you so much Brian and Lena for the wonderful way you brought Rose up. She is in a forever home and you will be kept updated with pics etc.

Samantha Govaars, Vic

Hi Brian and Lena,

In late 2009, when finally succumbing to my quarter horse breeding dreams, I found the mare that I thought might help me on my way! Shortly after getting her home I tentatively rang and spoke with Lena regarding the possibilities of producing a blue baby with her Tru Blu Texan and my bay roan Peptos Paramount Girl. She was helpful, informative and very knowledgeable, giving me complete confidence in my decision to go ahead and book my princess in.

Finally in September this year, I packed up the girl and took her off to Newdegate, leaving her in the attentive care of Brian and Lena.
During the follow month Lena kept up to date with progress - assuring me that she was very relaxed and content. Lena rang the moment she was able to get the positve preg test and invited me to come pick her up.

The princess was in as good condition as when I left her, if not better with Lena telling me I really need to put her on diet! I would have no hesitation in recommending Coliban Quarter Horse Stud to any prospective breeder/buyer. Brian and Lena are both professional and knowledgeable also being approachable and realistic. The facilities are very horse safe and the attention to feeding and care is top notch.

Thank you Brian and Lena for your wonderful care, attention and hospitality for both myself and the Princess! Here's hoping for a beautiful baby! Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Sophia Scott, Greenbushes WA

Dear Lena,

I am very pleased with the outcome of our Designer Gene Program with Delkara Honey Bars and Three Solid Bars this year. The foal Honey has produced after being put to Arnold is of outstanding quality. Her length of leg, hip, shoulder and neck are perfectly proportioned. The whole program has been very simple and stress free. I want to thank you for being so helpful and informative in my original choice of bloodlines from your band of horses. Between us we have come up with a really good horse. I look forward to rebreeding another of your mares back to Three Solid Bars for a 2012 foal using the Designer Gene Program.

Thank you to you and Brian once again for having the time, money, effort, passion and determination to build up such a good stud with solid bloodlines.

Natalie Matson

Lena and Brian have been advertising on the Stockyard website for many years and during this time Lena has become a good friend. We share a love of the Quarter Horse breed and Lena's endless commitment and passion to this breed is testimony to the high quality foals that the Coliban Quarter Horse Stud produces year after year. Lena has always impressed me with her business acumen for achieving excellent sales results which would make many other breeders quite envious.

There is no doubt that Coliban bred horses have become a major influence within the West Australian quarter scene both in and out the show ring. Lena and Brian, I hope your great success continues for many years to come and thank you for your support!"

Murray Severn - Stockyard Classifieds Pty Ltd 

After many years of stallion searching for my QH mare I had given up my dream of breeding my own foal as none of the stallions (or owners!) were quite what I wanted. I came away from all of that with many horror stories and quite disenchanted by the breeding world as a whole, as it seemed to be full of people who would be evasive, pushy, put down the merits of my horse, and put down the merits of other stallions.
I came across Brian and Lena quite by accident and I was intrigued by the idea of their designer gene program, as it presented an opportunity to have the ‘working type’ foal that I wanted without the stress of breeding my own horse. With the colour and bloodlines being a huge bonus!
I found Brian and Lena to be a no-nonsense, no bull s**t kind of people, who know they have something good and feel no need to do any of the things that had put me off breeding my mare (They have even managed to put the idea of breeding her back in my head!).
You are told everything, good and bad, right at the outset and if they have nothing that interests you at that moment Lena is more than willing to give you plenty of alternatives! The horses are all top notch too, every single one has a personality and are quiet enough (even with babies on the ground) for you to walk up and talk to them (and they love kisses as much as I do!)
In summary; if you want have a excellent horse out of excellent bloodlines while dealing with excellent people, Coliban QH stud is the place for you!”

Thank you Lena for giving me the opportunity to own one of your babies! I’ll see you again in a few months! (I should be able to persuade Brett to make another trip out there with me! ?)


Hi Lena & Brian,
As a friend and Quarter Horse breeder for many years I would like to compliment you on the quality of the Quarter Horses you have obtained and bred and what you are inspiring to do. On my two recent acquisitions off you The Colt Coliban Good Terms Only by This Invitation (imp) out of the Zippos Mr Good Bar bred Mare Call For Zippo (imp) and the beautiful filly on the ground by A Major Leaguer (DEC AMQHA) out of the Blue Denim Zipper mare Twylight Blues out of my old favourite Twyjet.
After recently going through some major changes in my life I can now start again with perhaps the best bloodlines I have ever owned in my life, a possibility that would not have happened without your commitment in the Quarter Horse Industry to bring these bloodlines into Australia.
With the Re-Birth of the Diamond J Quarter horse programme I am blessed to have your horses, The colt is everything I want in a future pleasure horse, a large kind eye, a fantastic length of rein, a natural head carriage, low hocks, a V8 hip and a great wither. All around a package I would as a judge be putting a champion ribbon on. With the filly she definatly has the wow factor, super star quality, as only a couple of months old she is possibly black like Dad, movement to die for, a body of that as a model, a cute dishy face with the most beautiful large eyes on a filly like Bambi in horseland.
Shania will be an asset in the future of Diamond j Pleasure Horse programme.
Again thanks Lena , Simply The Best? Better than all the rest as Shania would say?

Diamond J Quarter Horses, Est in 1980, involved as a breeder, Judge and Competitor since 1974. 

I would like to confirrn that both stallions, Three Solid Bars & Tru Blu Texan, have been regular visitors to my clinic for breeding purposes and that they are both quiet and easy to handle. I would recommend their temperaments to anyone looking to breed to a QH."


Lena and Brian,
We are very pleased with our Colt and Filly, they are very well mannered and take everything in their strides. We are very excited for their futures and can't wait to get out and about with them.
Thank you for breeding such great horses.

Claire Chamberlain - Harley QH's, WA

Hi Lena and Brian,
She is awsome (Three Metal Bars), she is a total dream to be around, and is the most affectionate mare i have ever known. We both love spending time with each other and we are becoming more like one.

Renae Downer- WA

Hi Lena and Brian,
The designer gene program has given us everything we had hoped for, a lovely tempered, big leggy palomino colt (Three Solid Bars x Coliban Metallic Bars) he is everything Lena said he would be and more. The experience of breeding our first foal has been a pleasure, hassle free, very well managed and by paying in instalments has proved affordable.. Coliban Quarter Horses has incredible bloodlines, experience and knowledge delivered in a very professional manner. We have a superbly bred, correct, well tempered colt and couldn't be happier. Thank you Lena you are a true inspiration.

Claire Chamberlain - Harley QH's, WA

I have transported numerous horses from Coliban Quarter Horse stud over the past three years. It has been a pleasure to deal with Brian and Lena who I have always found to be very professional and straight-forward in their business dealings, whilst at the same time to be very caring in the sales of their horses. Lena genuinely cares about the horses she sells and always wishes to be kept informed as they travel across to their new homes. I have transported some truly beautiful horses to almost every state in Australia for Coliban as their reputation for good-minded, quality show and working horses grows.

Lena offers great follow up advice to her clients and is extremely honest in the description of her horses and in matching them to the prospective purchasers. Coliban's clients are always delighted with the quality and temperament of the horses that we deliver to them and find them to be exactly as Lena described them.

i am proud to be associated with Coliban Quarter Horses and to work with breeders of integrity who produce quality horses that are a pleasure to handle."

Prue Jenkins - Notable Horse Transport, WA 

I have recently visited Coliban QH stud, and was amazed at what I saw. The quality of horses is top level with Lena and Brian owning some if not the best bloodlines in the country. All of the mares have excellent conformation and a temperment to match. When I first arrived I was looking around keen to see both stallions, I was unable to spot them, after seeing all of the mares I asked to see the stallions, to my amazement I had been standing in full view of them the whole time, they were both so quiet I did not think they were stallions. Both boys are so friendly and quiet and so tall! The young stock that Lena and Brian breed are amazingly quiet, well built and have the potential to excell in anything in the right hands. I've bought Coliban Three PM, an 8 month old gelding from them when I visited simply because he was so quiet with excellent nature and brilliant conformation as well as top bloodlines.
With years to come I hope to buy many more quality QHs from Coliban QH stud"

Emma Stone - Saddleworth, SA

Hi Lena,

The designer program has appealed to me as I am inexperienced in horse breeding but would like to experience breeding a foal. Having the opportunity to choose bloodlines, type and increased chance of colour means that I have an enhanced chance of breeding a horse that will suit my needs. The designer gene program offers many years of extensive breeding that would physically take a person such as myself a lot of money, time and effort to acheive.

The added bonus is that the mare is foaled down by experienced breeders and this means that as an inexperienced breeder I do not have the added stress at foaling time. The foal will then be raised on a large property in a settled herd environment to grow up to be a strong healthy horse. Coliban will also let me agist the foal to the age of 18 months to two years so that it can run with a herd of horses in a large environment and develop normally physically, mentally and emotionally. This herd environment will ensure that some of the 'backyard' bred issues/behaviours I have recently seen with a lot of foal/horses will be eliminated. Backyard behaviours such as anti-social horse group behaviour, lack of boundaries between horse and human and poor physical development are eliminated with the designer gene program and the after care agistment option. If it was not for the designer gene program I would not breed.

Financially I have been able to use the payment plan making a small fortnightly payment towards my designer foal meaning that I do not have a large financial outlay all at once, as long as the total amount is paid before the foal hits the ground. Lena has made the whole program very easy for me to use with ensuring that I am well informed by email and by encouraging me to use her website for information.

Thank you Lena!! Give Honey a pat for me, she looks gorgeous in her last lot of photos on Stockyard. After she has been served by Three Solid Bars I will come out and see both of them if that is OK with you.

Kindest Regards, Natalie Matson

Hi Lena,
Coliban A Good Invitation has arrived safe and well – she is everything you described her as and more! It was a big leap of faith for me to purchase a horse who was not only on the other side of the country, but only two days old at the time! After talking to you about your breeding program, and believing (as you do) in the strength of your bloodlines, I took the leap, and I am so pleased I did! I really appreciate all the photos and updates you have regularly sent over the past seven months. I feel as though I have been able to watch her grow, and be part of all her milestones, from worming to weaning – halter breaking to float loading! She is a truly beautiful filly – everything she was bred to be! I am looking forward to us getting to know each other, and to her future career under saddle!
Thank you Lena and Brian for giving me the opportunity to own a filly of such exceptional breeding! She is ‘one of a kind’ in this country (until her brother or sister is born). Your honesty and integrity in all our dealings, will definitely be the standard for others to aim for!
I could not have asked for more!
Best wishes

Anita Ault, Preist Gully Quarter Horses - Brisbane, Qld

Well, congratulations Coliban Quarter Horse stud on breeding yet another fine foal. We are so excited with our new purchase Coliban Texas Chocolate!
Chocolate is everything you said he would be and more, he is so athletic and a nature to die for, everything about this fellow is without a doubt perfect.
Thank you Lena and Brian for your honesty and making our new purchase so easy, with all of the photos you sent and many phone calls which kept us up to date with Chocolates progress.
This is our first testimonial so look out for the second one, because Chocolate is so impressive we would love to purchase another in the near future.
Not only have we formed a new friendship, but feel a part of the Coliban Quarter Horse family.

Donna & Will George -Tamworth, NSW

We have been a long time admirer of your boy – Three Solid Bars and when the opportunity to purchase one of your quality mares with a service to him arose, we jumped at the chance. Well, a few months later when it was cool enough to cross the Nullarbor, Chips Chocolate Zip made the trip across to our place here in Vic. She arrived a picture of health and is so much more than we expected - what an awesome mare! Due to the distance between us, we did the majority of our communication via e-mail, your description of Chippa was spot on – if anything, understated! She is so much more than we had hoped for. I’d like to thank you for your regular updates and pictures of Chippa over the last couple of months; thank you for your professionalism, your friendly and always helpful approach. It’s been wonderful to deal with you Lena and we are grateful to you for allowing us to own this special girl. You are a credit to the Quarter Horse industry ."

Joyce Hollenberg, Vic

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Brian and Lena with my cousin to pick up her new QH Filly.
> What a great day, Brian and Lena make you feel very welcome and go out of there way to show you the lovely QH's they breed. The two stallions are amazing such gentle boys. It's not often that you go to a stud and find every mare and foal in  such excellent condition and all so quiet and friendly with even the foals wanting their share of attention. The filly we went to look at was everything that Lena had said she would be and has settled in well at her new home. I know where I'll be going when my husband has time to slow down and enjoy the QH he has always wanted. Coliban Quarter Horses will be our one and only destination. Thanks for a great visit, I'm looking forward to visiting again one day.

Neryl Simmons - Arylin Pony Stud, Perth

All the information that you gave me to do with this mare Zipped In Gold that I purchased from you was spot on especially seeing that she has not been ridden for a number of years.  After her first ride she new what I wanted even though I have never ridden western before I'm only a show jump rider so this is new and she will teach me what to do.  If I'm ever looking for another quarter horse or I know of anybody who is I will get them to contact you because all your stock is great."

Lee Mitchell - Ceduna, SA 

I was hired by Lena to not only photograph True Blue Texan, but also prep him for the photo shoot, as she was unable to attend the photoshoot due to geographic distance. Blu was a pleasure to handle at all times. He had never seen me or my assistant before and even when he was distracted by the pretty mares walking past he was happy to be washed, groomed and trimmed by
complete strangers. Blu is truly an exceptional stallion, with impeccable manners and was wonderful to work with; proudly displaying his athleticism at one moment, and the next coming up for a scratch on the neck.

Jaana Wilson - Equine Photographer

"Thank you Lena and Brian for all of the help that you have given me in the past 5 years. Not only are the horses that you have sold me a great pleasure to own but the professional and friendly manner in which you conduct your business makes it such a n absolute enjoyment to do business with you. the personal time and attention that you give to each and everyone of your clients is something very special. So thank you once again. The industry is in safe hands as long as people such as yourselves are involved.

Dani Giles - Quicksilver Charolais

Thank you so much Lena and Brian Candy is everything you said she was big, bold and beautiful with an eye appeal that not many horses possess. Candy ( DVD o Lena ) arrived here cool calm and collected even after the long trip and bad weather on the way up and has settled in nicely with her yearling son at her side once more. Her temperament is a real credit to you both as even know she doesn't know me well yet she gives all the love and respect an owner could ask for.
Lena and Brian you have been so wonderful and helpful to me over the past year and a half and I will forever be grateful and feel blessed to own two horses from you. Ill be in touch soon to update you on how her breaking is going.

Kellie O'Brien - Perth WA

Bamby (Three Solid Bars x Twylight Blues) finally arrived home here  yesterday afternoon after her very long trip to Victoria! Within the  first few minuets, she looked and acted as if she had been here her whole  young life. For a yearling to travel that well, and come off of the truck  as well as she did speaks so much for her temperament, as well as the  quality of handling she has had with you both. Bamby is everything you  said she would be, and is so people friendly! I appreciate your kindness, generosity, but most of all your honestly as I bought this  filly on the merits of her breeding, as well as the many photos you sent. Not many breeders are as forthcoming with info, easy to speak to,  knowledgeable, and caring as you are. Thank you so much, we will surely  keep in touch. We love our new filly! "

Michelle Steinmann - Encore Quarter Horses

In searching for a filly from fully imported parents, I found an outstanding prospect on Coliban’s Website. At the time of my first email, the filly was only 24 hours old! I had bought foals before, however, none quite this young! I found Lena incredibly professional in all her discussions with me, and more than happy to discuss the bloodlines and planning that had gone into breeding this spectacular filly. Lena has made every effort to be accommodating in all her dealings with me, and has gone out of her way to ensure I am happy with any arrangements we have made. She is keeping me posted with the filly’s progress and is sending me regular photos so I can be part of her ‘growing up’, despite being on the other side of the country! I am excited by the prospect of this filly’s potential with the incredible bloodlines she possesses, and look forward to building a partnership with her when she is able to travel to her new home! Thank you Lena and Brian, for allowing me this incredible opportunity"

Anita Ault - Priest Gully QH's, Qld

Hi Lena, Coliban Zippin Breeze arrived very fit and well for her trip across the Nullabor. She is a very nice filly, well grown and a lovely mover. We have high hopes for her and thank you for parting with her."

Yasmin Lee-Steere - Jayes Park, Vic

We recently purchased Coliban Ebony Amber from Brian and Lena.  She is everything they said she was which makes it a great pleasure dealing with people who are honest and true to their word.  She is a fantastic pony and is quickly becoming my daughter’s best friend.  We would certainly like to deal with Brian and Lena again if the occasion arises as we had the pleasure of meeting their lovely quarter horses at their property....."

 Angela Herzer - Northam, Perth WA

I purchased a weanling from Brian and Lena unseen based purely on the information I received from them and a friend who had seen the colt. Everything I was told is true. The colt has the calmest temperament and it amazes us to see a 5 month old foal being led on a halter. His lovely nature and intelligence are testament to how well he has been bred and handled. Brian and Lena even went out of their way to deliver the colt to Perth. I found them extremely professional to deal with. They replied to every email promptly and sent me photographs when I asked for them. I would like to thank them for being reliable and so accommodating. I truly am impressed by their professionalism and would not hesitate to deal with them again."

Khadijah Hansia -Perth WA

Hi Lena  
Jack was a pure delight at the show yesterday and lots of people came up for a cuddle.  I know we didn't came back with any flashy ribbons but that little horse you bred is wonderful and if there was a prize for best mannered/best behaved he would have been a winner across all ages.

Jasslyn Robinson, WA 

Whilst looking at expanding our breeding enterprise to include another stallion, we had set ourselves a strict set of guidelines. Firstly the prospective stallion must have breeding, correct conformation, temperament, athletic ability and must possess colour. After a few years of searching thru the numerous for sale barns and yet to find that special horse, we came across a gorgeous weanling dilute colt with the most exquisite features for sale at Coliban. After exchanging many emails and a few calls, the colt was secured for future stud duties. Being located on the other side of the continent we relied heavily on the honesty of Lena as well as numerous photo's to close the deal. As time passed and with baited breathe, we welcomed the arrival of our new purchase and quickly went about getting to know him better. Every thing we were told about our boy was true and correct, if not a little understated and it was refreshing to do business with such an honest and reputable breeder. We would gladly recommend doing business with Coliban QH's and look forward to doing business again in the near future"

David & Rachael Rivett, Davrac Quarter Horses – Dubbo, NSW

Brian and Lena make you feel welcome from the minute you arrive at their stud, they are generous with their time and knowledge of Quarter horses and breeding. I would have no hesitation in recommending Coliban Quarter Horse Stud to anyone. Our Three Solid Bars, “Coliban Three Extremes” weanling is a super cool laid back, well put together animal and I look forward to campaigning him in halter at shows until its time to back and ride him. If you want a well bred, well put together horse with a calm attitude head to Coliban Quarter Horse Stud."

Jasslyn & David Robinson – Gidgegannup W.A 

My story.......For many years I had dreamed of owning a quarter horse and would frequently gaze at numerous web sites that were from across the country, when one day I stumbled across a stud called Coliban in W.A., my home state, that is breeding quality quarter horses at a realistic price. It was here that I found my little man. He is a red roan colt that has loads of muscle with a real spunk about him. He also happens to be the first foal born by Tru Blu Texan(imp) at Coliban. I fell in love with him straight away, he is as bold as an eagle and just loves people which is what I wanted in a horse.Thank you Brian and Lena, you have been wonderful to deal with. I truly appreciate the knowledge and support you have given over the months. thanks again"

Kellie O'Brien from Swan Valley W.A

I bought an absolutly beautiful quiet filly from Brian and Lena from Coliban Quarter Horses. they were very easy to deal with and to talk to. i felt very welcome to have a look at their horses and was really impressed with the kindness and hospitality shown to me and my family. i was happy with the way they handled their foals. I had a five hour drive home with her in the float it was her first time travelling. i was very suprised with how quiet she was as she didn't even blink an eye the whole way home. i would just like to thank them for my beautiful filly and would not hesitate to deal with them again."

Jackie Farr form WA Manjimup

Dear Brian and Lena
I just wanted to thank you both for being understanding business people with heart, something which is rare to find these days. After a lot of frustrating hurdles on my mare's part, she is safely in foal to Three Solid Bars. He is such an awesome boy and a real gentleman. I love the big fella that much that I have decided to put the latest addition to the family, Goldie Morn, (aka Spunky) to him as well. She is such a sweet heart and you guys bred her(what an excellent job!), so she should have an awesome foal by Arnold.
Lena and Brian, it is great doing business with you guys, even though you are very busy with the Post Office and the farm, you always make time for a chat on the phone and are always helpful with your advice.
Thank you again you two for the truck loads of help (and the lovely horses) you have supplied to me over the years. I really do appreciate it and can't wait to see what Gypsy and Spunky produce this time round!!
PS. Rocky says thanks for Spunky too!!

Jo Mantach, Mantach Transport, Ravensthorpe, WA

Dear Lena & Brian,
I would just like to extend my thanks to you both for allowing me the opportunity to prepare both your imported stallions (Three Solid Bars & Tru Blu Texan) for a photo shoot recently.
I must say, I was most surprised at how quiet and well mannered they both were, especially when I found out they were so young and it was their first time to be show prepared.
I would have bet money that they had been show prepared several times before.
They were a real pleasure to work with and I would be more than happy to assist you in the future if required.
Thank you for everything"

Audra McHenry, WA

Lena, I am more than happy to write a few words, what can I say, you have been super efficient, super easy to deal with, on time, reliable, accommodating, true to your word, professional and best of all we are now just waiting another 9 or so months for the end result!

Georgie & Bill Wilson, VIC

I was looking for a nice quiet, solid horse to purchase. I wanted a cattle horse, a safe horse and something I could take anywhere and feel secure with, do a bit of competing on, as well as a bit of a flashy good looking horse. I've never owned or ridden a Quarter horse.
MY TEXAS DANDY is "the one". Straight away he was very friendly and a real people horse. Once broken he has been lovely and willing to learn yet still has spirit and personality. A BIG BOLD and brave horse yet still very reliable. I school him in arena for flat work, ride him out, all over the farm, work the cattle and compete campdrafting. He hooks onto a cow and is so focused its awesome. As a rising 6yo he has really evolved and is an integral part of the team. He has spirit, safety, personality, natural skill and ability and he is stunning! I enjoy having him around and love him. He loves being around too and ALWAYS wants to be part of whats going on which shows how keen and interested in life he is, and that to me says he wants to please, he tries hard all the time to improve and impress.
Thanks Lena and Brian. Great asset. I want to add the follow up from you both is wonderful, coming to see him in his chosen field of sport and keeping in touch is supportive and appreciated. He is a special fella our Dandy.

Anita Bennett, South Stirlings

If anyone is looking for a quarter horse I would highly recommend Coliban Quarter Horse Stud. I have just purchased a very well bred filly by Three Solid Bars,her name is Coliban Three At The Bar. She is a beautiful deep gold palamino with a thick snow white mane and tail. In all my dealings with Lena it has always been a friendly and professional approach, which is why I would deal with them again in the future.
Thanks again Lena.

Lyn Hubbard, Brookton, WA

Hi Lena and Brian
I was just looking at Arnie's babies, now about 6 months old, and wanted to tell you how pleased I am with them.  Although they have the same granddad and dad they are both quite different; one being built like a weight lifter (a little like 3 Solid Bars) and the other as slim and lithe as a dancer.  Both are well balanced, fluid in movement and have good dispositions.  I don't know yet what jobs they are headed for but I can predict that they will be good at them no matter what. The babies have the sense and athleticism to excel at whatever they do.  But that stuff is a long way away.  At the moment they are just fun.

In addition I want to thank you for making the breeding process so easy.  Your knowledge and advice went a long way in easing my mind, helping me select the mares and keeping the encouragement going.

Skip and Ann Groman, Margaret River

Hi Lena, Just thought I would drop you a line, the girl arrived fit and well, I have turned her out with the yearling's and event though she gives them a 4 or 5 month's head start she is just as big as them all, she's not even the smallest. Anyway she looks great, I will keep you posted on her progress, Bye for now "

Yasmin Lee-Steere, Jayes Park, Vic

I met Lena and Brian 3yrs ago now when i arrived at their stud to do work experience, in the time spent with them and their horses i have learnt so much about breeding and all it entails. I'm also the owner of 2 beautiful horses from their stud one currently under saddle and doing great, the other just a weanling im so happy with the horses i've brought from their stud that i wouldn't hesitate to do it all again.

I would like to thank Coliban QH Stud for not only breeding great quarter horses but spending time with me to teach me all about them i know that we will remain great friends for years to come.

Elysha Murphy

Looking for a horse? Where do you go??

Looking for your first horse or a new horse can be quite daunting. In May 2006 I bought a horse after 23 years of not owning one and I found it quite a challenge. There are huge choices “over east” but not in WA. After going on the “Stockyard” website I found a bay filly from Coliban Quarter Horse Stud. She was only a yearling but her bloodlines were so impressive that it sparked my interest (and she was very pretty too!) After weeks of comparing prices and bloodlines of what was “over east” and value for money I found that what was on offer from Coliban was more and more to my liking. I reserved this filly and then travelled to Newdegate to inspect her. Her nature was so wonderful that I fell in love with her instantly.

Brian and Lena made my family so welcome and after spending the night I inspected the broodmares the next day. The variety of bloodlines on offer was amazing and there were heaps of Palominos (which I have always loved since a little girl). I immediately reserved a foal from the next cropping and now I am also the proud owner of a Palomino gelding.

Coliban may not be as “fancy” as some other studs; but for versatility of bloodlines and quality I would recommend it as a place to look.

And Lena – what can I say? She just oozes with knowledge of bloodlines, colour and all aspects of breeding. I’m sure Coliban can custom breed you a horse of your choice and you won’t be disappointed!

Roxanne Johnston

We couldn't speak more highly of Lena and Brian Rasmussen.
We recently purchased "Coliban Metallic Rules" for our junior sire. This dynamic little horse is a pleasure to be around. I hope we have a long successful show career together, it sure has started out good!
We have also used their services breeding with "Tru Blu Texan".
We would recommend them for thir friendly, honest, professional approach in all our dealings.
Looking forward to future business with them.

Nicola and Corey Baker Roan Hill stud Charters Towers, QLD

Lena & Brian what can I say, you guys are great people and have done a fantastic job on importing some great foundation bloodlines into this country. You have a great selection of broodmares to suit all aspects of the western industry. Having purchased 2 horses from Coliban QH stud I have not only brought great horses but have acquired a true friendship with you both. I wish the pair of you all the best with your breeding programme and would highly recommend your stud to anyone who wants to purchase their new equine friend – from all of us here @ The Hodges family home of Coliban Rusty Rules."

Sue Hodges
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